About our Listings
MusicSocket's listings are based on the best information available to us, as provided by our users, the bodies involved, and our own research, and are accurate and genuine the vast majority of the time. It must be remembered, however, that MusicSocket (like any other directory service, such as the Yellow Pages) does not investigate, assess, endorse, or recommend the subjects of the listings it provides. As with the Yellow Pages, the listings are intended to provide leads and contact details, and you should approach these leads with the same common-sense attitude as you would, for instance, a tradesman in the Yellow Pages. Being listed on MusicSocket does not mean that a company is reputable, and we are no more able to provide guarantees regarding this than the Yellow Pages is able to guarantee the integrity of every builder they list. As such, MusicSocket will not be held responsible for any loss incurred as a result of information provided in our listings. While the vast majority of companies listed on MusicSocket are entirely reputable, MusicSocket deliberately lists both good and bad companies, so that feedback may be left by users to recommend the former and provide warnings about the latter.