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MusicSocket's Free Music Newsletter is published online and notification is sent direct to the inboxes of interested music artists. Subscribers are given the opportunity in each issue to automatically remove their addresses via a straightforward link, and all bounced emails are removed – meaning that all the addresses on the list are active addresses for genuinely interested parties.

Though a newsletter advert receives fewer impressions than an advert on the website, the CTR (click-through rate) of email newsletter adverts is typically more than three times better than an advert on a website. Unlike the website adverts, newsletter adverts are woven into the actual text, increasing their CTR still further. They also remain permanently online in the newsletter archive, providing you with a permanent link.

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The prices for newsletter adverts are as follows:

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(120 x 60)
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One issue:

20 / $30 30 / $45 50 / $75

Three issues:

48 / $72 72 / $108 120 / $180

Twelve issues:

155 / $235 235 / $350 390 / $585

PLUS: Take out an ad on the website at the same time and receive a 20% discount on your newsletter ad.

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