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Welcome to the MusicSocket Affiliate Program a free partnership which allows you to make money out of your website, just by linking to our site.  Application is quick and easy, and once complete you will be able to log into our members' area and begin building links and earning commissions in a matter of minutes. We pay $2.00 for every new subscriber you refer to us who takes out an immediate-payment subscription. Make 100 successful referrals and we'll give you $200 make 500 and we'll give you $1,000! There's no maximum to how much you can earn we will pay you out for whatever you send us. So even if you send us 10,000 successful referrals we'd still guarantee to pay you $20,000!

How may people visit your website? Hundreds? Thousands? Hundreds of thousands?! The MusicSocket affiliate program helps you convert that hard-earned traffic into well-deserved cash. And it doesn't cost you a penny to get started.

If you've already joined you can log in using the box below on the right. To join, choose a username in the box on the left.

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What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is a common type of internet relationship which offers webmasters a means of profiting from their websites. Affiliated sites generate sales for commercial websites, and in return receive payments for those sales.
How it works

After you join you will be given a unique linking code to place on your website. Whenever anyone clicks on this link they will be sent to this website. Your affiliate account will be credited with $2.00 every time you introduce a new user to the site who proceeds to create an paid subscription (excluding Free Trial subscriptions). If a user clicks the links of more than one affiliate before taking out a registration the first affiliate to direct them to the site will be credited, provided the cookie used to track the user's activity is still present on the user's computer.

Payments are made at the end of each quarter to any accounts with more than $50 accrued. Payments are made via PayPal, allowing you to withdraw your payments in your own currency. If you do not have a PayPal account you can obtain one for free at www.paypal.com. If the balance in your account is less than $50 then the amount will be held over to the next quarter.

You can log into your affiliate account at any time to view how many users have clicked your link, and what your current balance is.

To join, choose a username and enter it in the box above on the left. To log into an existing account, enter your details in the box above on the right. 

Who can join?
Anyone with a website! Payments can be made to affiliates anywhere in the world, so your location is no restriction. No specialist technical knowledge is required, and application can be completed in seconds online.

To join, choose a username and enter it in the box above on the left. If you have further unanswered questions you can consult our online FAQ by clicking here

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