Search tips

Get more results
Want to get more results? Try specifying fewer search parameters. For instance, instead of searching for "Heavy" and "Metal", you could try searching just for "Metal", etc. All the fields are optional. The more you fill in, the more specific your search the fewer results you'll get; the fewer search fields you fill in the less specific your search will be, giving you more results. You can even leave all the fields empty to get the most results possible!

Match Any / Match All
You can choose to search the database for listings matching ANY selections under "Styles" and ANY selections under "genres", or to match ALL the selections under "styles" and ALL the selections under "genres".

For example, if you selected "Heavy" and "Extreme" under styles, and "Rock" and "Metal" under genres, then under the default setting ("Match Any") you might find listings for "Heavy Rock", "Heavy Metal", "Extreme Metal", or "Extreme Rock". If you selected "Match All", however, then you wouldn't find any of those... you would only get listings that listed all four search terms.

It's important to remember, however, that regardless of whether you select "Match Any" or "Match All" you wouldn't receive any listings that just said "Rock" or just said "Heavy". That's because there has to be at least one match in both any "genres" specified and in any "styles" specified. So if you're only searching for one genre and one style (e.g. "Heavy" and "Metal") the "Match All" results would be exactly the same as the "Match Any" results. There will only be a difference when you have make multiple selections in at least one of the fields.

Styles / Genres
You can make multiple selections in either of these lists by holding down Control (Windows) or the Apple key (macs) while clicking the genres/styles you are interested in. The system will only return listings that match at least one selection in BOTH lists, so if you want to receive more results try searching under genre only, and leaving styles blank.

The number of selections you make in these lists will affect the number of results you receive differently depending on whether you are performing a "Match Any" or "Match All" search. For the default "Match Any" search, the more genres and styles you select, the broader your search will be, and the more results you will get (selecting "Any genres" and "Any styles" will of course provide the maximum number of matches). If you select a "Match All" search then the more genres and styles you select, the narrower and more specific your search will be, and the fewer results you will get.

Want more control?
If you want to perform more specific searches click the "Advanced Search" link. This will take you to a search page with more than 15 different search criteria available.