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Last updated: September 15, 2020

S**** E******* Artist Management
[This company is no longer active]
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Represents:Artists/Bands; Lyricists; Songwriters; Studio Musicians
Genres:Contemporary Americana Blues Country Hip-Hop Metal Pop Rap Rock Rock and Roll Rockabilly Roots Rhythm and Blues Singer-Songwriter
Submissions policy:Open to physical and electronic submissions
Prefers contact by email
Professional affiliations:ASCAP. CMA Member
Additional information
Specializes in Artist Mangement, Tour Management, Fan Club/Web Site Development/Management/Meet & Greets. Alos a Music Publishing Company.

Provides Artists with career/tour management. Our artists are represented with dedication, hard work, honesty, and mutal respect, flexibility and communication. We will work with you to create a presentation that can effectively market you and your music. We can plan a tour, set up schedules, make plane/hotel reservations, arrange radio station interviews etc. We will negotiate contracts and make special arrangements as needed. We take on new clients only after Very careful consideration and only when there is an opening in our roster.

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This company is no longer active]">
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