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M** B****** Management
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Represents:Artists/Bands; Producers; Songwriters; Studio Musicians; Studio Vocalists
Genres:Urban Indie Jazz R&B Soul Singer-Songwriter; Soundtracks Blues Mainstream Soulful
Fees:Offers services for which artists are charged
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Professional affiliations:BMI, ASCAP, SoundExchange
Additional information
We, pride ourselves on this blueprint that we specialize in creating a backdrop of musical ambiance featuring the world’s finest and unique talent while servicing your entertainment needs.

We actively commit to find quality entertainment and entertainer’s that suit your local and international demographic areas and taste.

Offers personal consulting services in all areas of artist development, live entertainment and social media and online network marketing.

Media/PR services are outsourced additions provided to clients. Special event(s) implementation and tour management services are available upon request.
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Yankee, United States Sat, Jul 16, 2011: 09:46 (GMT)

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