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All material must be specifically targeted at musical artists. If your work does not quite meet our requirements we may reply to discuss your piece and how it might be altered to make it more suitable.

We reserve the right to use any pieces submitted here at any point in the future. Articles may be added to a pool for future use. You may submit the same information elsewhere simultaneously. Since this is primarily an information outlet for press releases it is normal for no notification to be given before publication of material – to monitor whether your piece is used you should subscribe to the newsletter.

There is no payment for work featured in fmn, however you may include links to your own site, and / or include details of your own publications or ventures.

Things we DO NOT publish:

  • NO announcements of new music / albums (unless of specific interest to music artists, or discussing how success was arrived at).
  • NO non-music related material (no software, holidays etc. unless specifically related to music or getting signed).

Thank you for your interest in MusicSocket's Free Music Newsletter.


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