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RSS Feeds
What is an RSS feed?
RSS feeds are a way of getting information from the internet to come to you, instead of you having to go out and search for it. They're basically strings of news snippets distributed online, which you can subscribe to in order to keep informed about things you want to know about.

How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?
You can subscribe to RSS feeds with lots of different programs. Most modern internet browsers (such as the latest versions of Internet Explorer and FireFox) provide a means of subscribing to RSS feeds, as do many email programs, such as Outlook. You can also get dedicated "news aggregators".

You can subscribe to RSS feeds using these programs by either clicking on RSS links or entering RSS addresses into them. RSS links are usually signified by the orange symbol on the right, so watch out for it on this and other websites, and in compatible programs.

Once you've subscribed with a compatible program it will check the feed at regular intervals, and notify you when there are new items.

What RSS feeds does MusicSocket offer?
We offer two types of RSS feeds: our InstantAlert RSS feed and individual RSS feeds for each of our databases.

InstantAlert RSS feed
This feed provides an alternative to our InstantAlert email system, providing information on new and updated listings across all our databases, without having to rely on emails (which can often be blocked by spam filters). You can subscribe to receive notifications of all new and updated listings using the address below:
InstantAlert RSS Feed: http://www.musicsocket.com/rss/rss.cgi     AddThis Feed Button

Database RSS feeds
You can also subscribe to RSS feeds for individual databases, offering greater detail and more options for customisation:
Record Labels: http://www.musicsocket.com/rss/recordlabels.cgi    AddThis Feed Button
Managers: http://www.musicsocket.com/rss/managers.cgi    AddThis Feed Button

Customise your RSS feeds
If you're a paying subscriber you can subscribe to a custom RSS feed matching your InstantAlert preferences by going to https://www.musicsocket.com/subscriber/instantalerts/ and clicking the RSS link.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to custom RSS feeds for any of our databases by entering your search criteria into the relevant database and then clicking the RSS link provided at the top of the results.




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