Record Labels

 Inclusion Policy
MusicSocket is a pay-to-use community of musicians who share information about record labels and other resources for musicians online. This page describes our policy regarding our listings of record labels. It includes:

Why and how a record label is listed
A listing is created for a record label when details of that label are posted via our online form, submitted either by one of our users, a researcher, or by the label in question. This will be cleared for inclusion on the site for the benefit of subscribers usually within two working days, subject to checking, and providing it reaches our minimum listing requirements, which are as follows:

  • the existence of the record label is independently verifiable;
  • the name of the record label is provided;
  • at least one genre of music handled is given;
  • at least one valid means of contact is provided;
  • a full and accurate description of the label and / or its policies is included; and
  • the listing is truthful in every respect and does not mislead or give a false or restricted view of the label.

If these minimum requirements are not met the listing will either not be posted or we will, where possible / appropriate, conduct research to bring the listing up to the minimum required level.

MusicSocket may at its discretion omit, add, or edit material in a listing if it is felt to be in the interest of the database.

Who is allowed to update a listing
Anyone can suggest corrections and / or additions to existing listings. We will respect labels' wishes wherever possible and tailor the contents of our listings to their requirements within the boundaries of our policies, but we will not remove information unless it is incorrect, and we will not alter any listing in such a way that it results in less information being provided to the user. While we welcome all suggestions, corrections, and additional information from users and labels alike, the final decision on what content to include on a listing rests at all times with MusicSocket

Under what circumstances a listing will be removed
Listings are never removed from our databases, but will be marked as "Inactive" and thereby removed from the normal search results if we receive independently verifiable information that the record labels has ceased to operate as a record label and under no other circumstances. Labels should be aware that if listings are marked as "Inactive" due to false notifications of closure from the label in question the likelihood is that the label's details will be posted again by a user typically within 4 to 6 weeks. We therefore advise labels to instead ensure that the information provided is an accurate representation of their policies by suggesting necessary corrections / alterations using the online form.