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Want to make it in music? Plug into MusicSocket to get the contact details and email addresses for hundreds of the top record labels and managers in the music industry around the world – and take your first steps towards getting signed! All our databases are regularly updated, with 41 new or updated listings in the last month alone!

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Recent new/updated listings
Sterling Artist Management
Updated Managers Database Listing. Genres handled: All types of music, except: Ambient Black Metal Black Origin Blue Beat Break Beat C-DUB Chill Classical Club Dance Dancehall Deep Funk Disco Doom Drum and Bass Dub Dubstep Emo Glitch Gothic Grime Grind Hardcore Hi-NRG Hip-Hop House IDM Jungle Lounge Melodicore Metal Mystical New Age Noise Core Ragga Rap Reggaeton Remix Trance Techno Synthpop Surf Spoken Word Skool Ska Shoegaze. Date of update: July 27, 2015.
United States
BackWords Recordings
New Record Labels Database Listing. Genres handled: Avant-Garde; Alternative; Electronic; Melodic; Psychedelic; Traditional; Spoken Word; Singer-Songwriter; Rock; Mystical; Instrumental; Indie;; Guitar based; Classical. Date of update: July 25, 2015.
United States
Pravda Records
New Record Labels Database Listing. Genres handled: Alternative Rock; Alternative Country; Rockabilly; Pop; R&B; Soul; Rock. Date of update: July 24, 2015.
United States
Starkravin' Management
Updated Managers Database Listing. Genres handled: Pop; R&B; Rock. Date of update: July 23, 2015.
United States
PRA Records
Updated Record Labels Database Listing. Genres handled: Jazz. Date of update: July 22, 2015.
United States


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