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Recent changes
Recent new and updated listings:

Lookout! Records
Updated Listing. Genres handled: Punk; Rock. Date of update: July 29, 2020.
United States
UFO Recordings
Updated Listing. Genres handled: Electronic; Underground; Break Beat; Dance; Hi-NRG; House; IDM; Techno. Date of update: July 29, 2020.
United States
INO Records
Updated Listing. Genres handled: Contemporary; Christian; Pop; Rock. Date of update: July 29, 2020.
United States
Gold Standard Laboratories (GSL)
Updated Listing. Genres handled: Hip-Hop; Punk; Rap; Rock. Date of update: July 29, 2020.
United States
Eleven Thirty Records
Updated Listing. Genres handled: Indie; Rock. Date of update: July 29, 2020.
United States

Recent user comments
Project Melody
Actually, did get back in the end, saying I could send through Soundcloud links or a link to files on Dropbox or WeTransfer
Yorkie, United Kingdom Tue, Jul 28, 2020: 16:11 (GMT)

Crucial Records
Got a quick reply, but their roster is full.
Home Boy, United Kingdom Mon, Jul 06, 2020: 20:10 (GMT)

Some Bizzare Records
Never got an answer.
Downing, United Kingdom Sun, Aug 02, 2020: 22:12 (GMT)

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