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Recent changes
Recent new and updated listings:

Spiral Galaxy Entertainment
New Listing. Genres handled: Dance; Jazz; Hip-Hop; Gospel; Pop; R&B. Date of update: November 27, 2015.
United States
Spinefarm Records
New Listing. Genres handled: Hard Rock; Metal. Date of update: November 25, 2015.
United States
Sphere Music
New Listing. Genres handled: All types of music. Date of update: November 23, 2015.
United States
Southland Records
New Listing. Genres handled: Traditional Country; Swing; Gospel; Pop; Rock. Date of update: November 16, 2015.
United States
Infinite Hive
New Listing. Genres handled: Indie; Metal; Punk; Rock. Date of update: November 13, 2015.
United States

Recent user comments
Invisiblegirl Records
Same day reply asking for links to soundcloud or MP3.
Domo, United Kingdom Sat, Nov 21, 2015: 16:11 (GMT)

Island Records
Got an instant auto-reply saying their A&R team find it "incredibly hard" to listen to everything and pointing me to some of their services for unsigned artists. Don't know if that means they're going to listen to my demo or not.
Home Boy, United Kingdom Fri, Nov 27, 2015: 22:11 (GMT)

Sparks Music
Wrote last weekend but never heard back.
Mountie, Canada Fri, Nov 27, 2015: 21:55 (GMT)

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