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D**** D** Records
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Genres:Alternative Avant-Garde Electronic Funky Progressive Soulful Tribal Urban Blues Dance Deep Funk Ethnic Folk Funk Hip-Hop Indie Jazz Latin R&B Punk Rap Remix Singer-Songwriter Soul Techno
Submissions policy:Open to physical submissions, but no electronic submissions
No approaches by email
Accepts contact by phone
Fees:Sometimes asks artists to contribute towards costs
Professional affiliations:BMI
Additional information
An independent, developmental record label that specializes in artist / band development for new and some ignored older talent.

Excited to be the first record label headquartered in the Erie, Pa., with a major branch office in Terra Haute, In., to initiate an all digital strategic marketing, publicity, and distribution plan for all Single, EP and LP releases.

We have been producing top quality commercial releases for some of the most talented artists, producers, and independent record labels around.

Takes a hybrid approach to making records, working with a huge collection of the best software and plugins, as well as splitting out key tracks, groups, or even the whole mix to analog mixers, compressors, delays and other processors to find that perfect sound for each track of an album.

Our "Old School" techniques, combined with today's technology is what sets us apart from other Independent Labels.

Encourages artists to be as creative as they can be and that's the key to the Label's fast growth in such a competitive market.
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