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F**** Records (The F*** Group)
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Genres:All types of music
Submissions policy:Open to queries
Accepts contact by post
Accepts contact by email
Fees:Receives no money from artists whatsoever
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Additional information
Founded and lead by CEO/President who is a veteran of the music and entertainment industry. Appeared in his first magazine interview as a budding recording artist, at the age of 14. As a recording artist, he received his first radio airplay with a regional radio single at the age of 17. Then briefly investigated the option of college.

After a short hiatus, he built a studio in his home and began working with local artists. This matured into a consulting position with Universal Distribution. In late 2002, he sat in the lobby of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ Bad Boy Records for two weeks before being offered a position as an intern in the radio and online promotions department. Though internship was a natural course of things at Bad Boy Records, after just a few weeks on the job he submitted a marketing proposal to “Diddy” regarding an artist that was in the process of being dropped from the label. This was exceedingly far outside of his realm of responsibilities and job description, it was accepted personally by the big boss, “Diddy”. At this point he became a paid employee and began contributing in multiple facets and projects at the label, even serving as assistant for the MTV Special “Diddy Runs The City”, a documentary chronicling Mr. Combs running of the New York Marathon.

He also began listening to demos submitted at the label’s then Times Square office. In 2004, while still an employee of Bad Boy Records, he began his own multi-faceted entertainment company, and signed his first artist, Nina Vega. He left Bad Boy to partake in his new venture, and to serve as Director of Artist and Repertoire for InYerFace Records, a label of Sony Music Studios. At InYerFace Records, he took part in the development of current, Island Def Jam recording artist and Rock prodigy, Laura Warshauer. his reputation grew quickly within the star-filled halls of Sony Music Studios as both an artist and repertoire representative, and as an authority in artist development, and in little to no time he was consulting on numerous industry projects and with some of the industry’s most successful labels, producers, and artists.

In 2006, secured radio airplay for The Group’s first artist, Nina Vega, with her single “I wanna know ya like that”, on the nationally syndicated Wendy Williams Show. The record was produced by KNS, who have produced for superstars Britney Spears, 3LW, 50 Cent and many more. This radio play and consistent rotation on air was the indoctrination of The Group and its subsidiaries.

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